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We are here to make you immerse in work as well as life, and grow.

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Securing global level organizational
competitiveness through immersion

Hansol's HR induces 'immersion' through 'speed' and 'transparency', and 'immersion' drives growth and efficiency, leading to the final goal of 'increasing value'.

  • Talented people

    Acquire talented people with HMS

    Hansol establishes a human resources development system with HMS through innovation in the overall development system, strengthens the competitiveness of recruitment to enable smooth supply and demand of key human resources, expands the pool of candidates through the Succession Plan for major Posts, and enhances transparency in the human resources selection and developing process to improve the credibility of the system operation.
  • Performance Compensation

    A virtuous cycle of compensatory competitiveness and human productivity

    Hansol motivates its members by strengthening performance-linked compensation and operation of systems for individual and organizational characteristics, and through transparent communication with internal members on compensation strategies, it improves the completeness of compensation strategies and ensures procedural fairness, and enables these investments to lead to the overall improvement in human productivity.
  • Organization

    Organizations that innovate with creative performance

    Hansol revolutionizes HR systems and programs in line with the direction of organizational culture, establishes field-oriented system operations and programs by improving the performance management capabilities of leaders, and enables synergy and development into unique core competencies by operating organizational culture and institutional operations with mutual suitability.
  • Strategic HR

    Implementation of the HR task Aligned in Strategic Direction/Key Initiative (KI)

    Hansol supports the implementation of the strategy by deriving and executing HR tasks linked to the mid-term strategy, promotes effective improvement through the support based on the HR strategy system, and improves the level of completion of HR strategy direction by expanding the necessary HR infrastructure.

Hansol seeks talented individuals
who practice HMS


HMS Our Principles

Hansol Management System Hansol's principles of action and equation of success

  • Creating Growth
    Skill to obtain strategically to create sustainable growth for the organization
  • Open Connection
    Skill to create synergy with internal and external organizations or people
  • Reinforcing Talent
    Skill to build and practice to enhance human competitiveness and demonstrate potential
  • Executing Excellence
    Skill to use in innovative practices to generate results