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Hansol has come a long way since its foundation in 1965, surmounting adversaries and pushing against the walls of its frontiers. Looking at some of the important events along the way will give you an insight into what has made Hansol what it is now.

1965 ~ 1989

Hansol's establishment

  • 1965.01
    Established Saehan Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1965.10
    Samsung Group acquires Saehan Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1968.08
    Corporation renamed to Jeonju Paper Co., Ltd
  • 1972.05
    First in Samsung Group to be listed on the Korea Stock Exchange
  • 1979.12
    Established the first Paper Research Institute in the industry
  • 1981.05
    First in Korea to achieve 1 million tons in paper production
  • 1982.04
    Marked 10,000ha in plantation area, an industry first
  • 1987.10
    Korea’s first thermal paper developed

1990 ~ 1999

Hansol's growth

  • 1990.12
    Successful production of domestic color inkjet paper
  • 1991.11
    Separation from Samsung Group
    declaring an independent management system
  • 1992.05
    Established Hansol Chemical
    Completion ceremony of Hansol Paper, Janghang Factory
  • 1994.01
    New company ethos for Hansol announced
  • 1995.03
    Established Hansol Culture Foundation
  • 1995.10
    Completion of white duplex board machine no. 31 in Daejeon for Hansol Paper
    Completion of Hansol HomeDeco, Iksan Factory
  • 1995.11
    Established Hansol Technics, Hansol PNS
  • 1996.01
    Launching afforestation business in New Zealand
    Established ‘Hansol Newzealand ltd.’
  • 1996.03
    Establishment of Hansol Globalization Promotion Team
  • 1996.10
    Completion of Hansol Technics, Jincheon Factory
  • 1997.10
    Hansol Paper Engineering, Korea's first environmental sector to be approved for private incinerator business
  • 1997.04
    Hansol Logistics, launches Logis Club cyber logistics system
  • 1997.07
    Hansol Chemical Ltd. selected as a major material supplier for the government's resident-level project
  • 1997.09
    Hansol HomeDeco, launching ceremony of Chammaru flooring

2000 ~ present

Hansol's quantum jump

  • 2000.06
    Hansol Logistics, launches global logistics platform business
  • 2000.12
    Hansol Paper announces new vision to become the best paper manufacturer in Asia
    Hansol Paper Opens Cyber Paper Shopping Mall
  • 2001.01
    Hansol Group, declared its second leap forward with 'digital management'
  • 2001.10
    Hansol Logistics, develops world’s first intelligent delivery system
  • 2002.01
    Hansol Group, launches new system under chairman Dong-Kil Cho
  • 2002.12
    Hansol Logistics, acquires business model (RM)
  • 2003.11
    Hansol HomeDeco is listed on the Korea Stock Exchange
    Grand Prize for Conservation and Management of the Grand Prize
  • 2004.02
    Chairman Cho Dong-gil is commissioned as the president of the Korea Paper Industry Association
  • 2004.05
    launchees industrial environment facility manufacturing business
  • 2004.08
    Hansol Paper, exports exceed $400 million US, the highest record for export earnings
  • 2004.11
    Hansol Paper, awarded the Export Tower Award for 400 Million USD on the 41st Trade Day
  • 2005.10
    40th Anniversary & Vision Declaration Ceremony
  • 2006.05
    Hansol Paper, awarded Grand Prize in Consumer Trust
  • 2006.06
    Hansol HomeDeco, receives ’F4 Star’ certification given to the world’s best eco-friendly construction materials (Japanese Ministry of Land,Infrastructure, Transport)
  • 2006.07
    Hansol Logistics, certified as the primary total logistics enterprise (by the Ministry of Construction & Transportation, Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries)
  • 2007.04
    Hansol Paper, obtains international forest certification (FSC)
  • 2007.06
    Hansol Paper, becomes the exclusive supplier of express shipping envelopes for the U.S. Postal Service
  • 2008.02
    Hansol PNS, acquisition of Hansol Inticube
  • 2011.02
    Hansol Paper, acquisition of Hansol Papertech
  • 2013.03
    Hansol Technics, establishing Vietnam Hanoi Corporation
  • 2013.05
    Hansol Technics, establishing Vietnam Hanoi Corporation Museum San opened
  • 2015.01
    Hansol Group changes to a holdings company & launches Hansol Holdings
  • 2016.05
    Hansol Chemical, acquires Tapex
  • 2018.01
    Development and Production of Nano Cellulose by Hansol Paper
  • 2018.10
    Hansol Holdings IR Grand Prize Winner
  • 2019.11
    Hansol Logistics Korea Logistics Awards President's Commendation
  • 2019.12
    Establishing Hansol Technics Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Corporation
  • 2020.02
    The establishment of Hansol Technics Thailand Corporation
    Hansol Paper has been ranked No. 1 in the paper sector for 17 consecutive years.
  • 2020.04
    Establishment of Hansol V-Frontiers
  • 2020.07
    Group Sustainability Management Report Published
  • 2020.08
    Establish Hansol HomeDeco Vietnam Corporation
  • 2021.08
    Hansol Logistics, acquires Logismile
    Hansol Inticube, acquires Stickus Corporation
    Hansol PNS, acquires Hansol Coever
  • 2021.10
    Hansol PNS, acquires Hansol BS
  • 2022.01
    Hansol Paper, acquires Sungwoo Envitech
    Hansol Technics, acquires Hansol IONES
  • 2022.03
    Hansol Paper, ESG bond issued