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Hansol Ethics Charter
Hansol's ethical management is our commitment to our customers, shareholders and society, and our conviction to continue the transparent and clean spirit we have maintained since our founding.

Hansol's employees are committed to complying with all laws and regulations and to sincerely apply the Code of Ethics and Employee Conduct Guidelines in the conduct of all business.

In addition, we will monitor and improve any shortcomings in the application of this policy, and continuously supplement and develop it in line with the development and changes in the organization.

Code of Ethics

  • Commitments
    to shareholders
    and investors
    • 01Protect the rights of shareholders and investors and respect their legitimate demands and suggestions.
    • 02Treat all shareholders, including minority shareholders, fairly and equally.
    • 03Build a relationship of mutual trust by disclosing accurate management information promptly and sincerely.
    • 04Increase corporate value and shareholder benefits through continuous management innovation and growth strategies.
  • Our promise to customers
    • 01Provide the best products and services by prioritizing customer value.
    • 02Provide accurate information about products and services, and strictly observe our promises.
    • 03Protect our customers' interests, safety, and privacy, and do not engage in unfair behavior toward them.
  • Commitments
    to competitors
    and partners
    • 01Pursue good faith competition with competitors and comply with the fair trade order and related laws and regulations.
    • 02Pursue joint development by establishing mutual trust and cooperation with suppliers through fair trade.
    • 03Do not receive any inappropriate benefits from the executives and employees of our partner companies.
  • Commitments to employees
    • 01Respect individual autonomy and creativity and provide fair opportunities to improve their abilities to become a place of self-actualization.
    • 02Do not discriminate based on education, origin, gender, age, religion, or benevolence.
    • 03Pursue a sound and developing a corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • Our commitment to society
    • 01Comply with various laws and regulations as a member of the country and community and comply with internationally accepted rules and regulations.
    • 02Contribute to the national economy and social development by improving productivity, creating employment, paying taxes faithfully, and making social contributions.
    • 03Strive to protect nature and create a clean environment.