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Leading company of business communication solutions through AI contact center industry of next generation

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Hansol Inticube is a leading company in Korea that provides total services ranging from the establishment and maintenance of contact centers to operation, diagnosis and consulting. Solution Provider, the nation's No. 1 contact center that introduces next-generation technologies such as virtual counselling and cloud services using AI technology, which are core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and provides total communication experience in new business areas.

  • Est. Date
    December 2003
  • No. of Employees
    221 employees
  • Headquarters
    Fl. 14, 396 World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Business Area
    Digital contact center, AI communication, communication cloud, mobile solutions

Major Subsidiaries

  • Stickus Corporation
    Stickus Corporation is a pet-food specialized manufacturer under the two brands of Dr. Mamma and Dr. Labo, with a focus on customized diet pet-food made up of nutrients specifically requested by pet owners.

    Stickus Corporation is expanding its business as a platform specialized in pet-care services, including supplementary food, skin care, and oral care for pets.
    Stickus Corporation
  • Business Area
    Pet food, pet care platform
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Hansol leaps forward to become the world's best value-creating company based on its differentiated competitive advantages and expertise