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The world’s leading company in the field of future high-tech electronic materials such as displays, secondary batteries, and semiconductors and in the fields of packaging for consumer goods and industrial functional tape fields.

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Tapex is a company that has built a wide-ranging portfolio of products, from high-tech electronic materials to Uniwrap and industrial functional tapes. Among products, its electronic tape for small secondary batteries and Uniwrap for food wrapping and industrial tape possess the largest market share in South Korea and are recognized for their supreme quality both in domestic and international markets. Tapex always considers customer service and quality its top priority and doing its utmost to realize Tapex’s values by means such as optimizing its R&D for customer response and establishing production infrastructure and overseas subsidiaries. In addition, by focusing its efforts on electronic materials that are used for displays, secondary batteries, and semiconductors, Tapex is solidifying its growth base in the global market, going beyond the Korean market.

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  • Headquarters
    62-16, Chorok-ro 532beon-gil, Yanggam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Business Area
    Advanced electronic materials, Uniwraps, and industrial functional tape
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