Recruitment Hiring Process

Below is a description of the hiring process at Hansol.

01 Screening based on submitted documents
This is a screening process for selecting suitable applicants for each position according to the hiring principles of Hansol Group. Multiples of planned recruitment target are selected.
02 First interview: Competency and discussion interviews
The core values of Hansol Group (creativity, speed, customer-oriented, globalization) and the general competencies (responsibility, relationship with colleagues, honesty/sincerity, communication) are verified through experience-based interview with the applicant and more than one interviewer will be present to ask in-depth questions to a single applicant. Putting one's own skills forward and collaboration with members of the same team are the competencies that are most imporant for any position in an organization. Discussion interview is carried out in a many-to-many manner which allows the interviewers to examine such qualities in the applicants.
03 Second interview
Those who pass the first interview will be invited to the second interview where on-the-job skills will be assessed by the team leaders and the potential to become the next talent of Hansol Group is evaluated by the executives. The second interview is conducted in accordance with the characteristics of each industry. A physical examination may be required during the second interview. Physical examination itself does not guarantee employment.
04 Announcement of successful applicants
Successful applicants are announced among the interviewees from the second interview once the employment offer is accepted. After the announcement of successful applicants, additional applicants may be announced for each business sector.