Hansol Message from the Chairman

Hansol is taking a big step forward to be the world’s best in value creation.

Only those with the right mindset for the future can realize true value.

As society progresses, companies must be the ones committed to fulfilling social reponsibility as good neighbors. Based on a spirit of youth, creativity and integrity stemming from the 'evergreen spirit of Hansol, 'we will continue our journey towards new opportunities to make a better future.

Hansol is not afraid of change and challenge.

History shows that a brighter and more prosperous future is shaped by those who constantly challenge themselves to explore the unknown instead of accepting present circumstances. Hansol is creating a better future and a more prosperous life through constant challenge and innovation. Hansol is taking great strides to move forward as the world's best in value creation while sharing new values of the future.

Chairman of Hansol Group, Dong-gil Cho