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cardboard, stencil paper (corrugated paper, liners)

Daehan Papertech is committed to making the best packaging papers.

Founded in 1983, Daehan Papertech specializes in corrugated paper production with an annual production of 24 million tons of high-quality corrugated papers and liners. Acquired by Hansol Paper in 2011, Daehan Papertech is improving its value as the nation's best packaging material manufacturer based on the technology and the white duplex board business of Hansol Paper. As the top packaging material maker of the nation, Daehan Papertech believes in the calue of recycling finite resources in order to contribute to the protection of the environment and to create a bountiful life for all.

Eun-seok Kim
Founded in October
September 29, 1983
1063-2 Daechi-ri, Daejeon-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeonnam