Hansol Hansol in the present

Hansol is leading the industry in a variety of fields with its materials and solutions business.

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Business area
furniture material MDF, floor materials (laminate flooring, steel flooring, PVC tiles, etc.), interior materials (door, molding, etc.), wood, overseas afforestation, lumber, interior construction and design

We specialize in eco-friendly construction materials that creat a living space filled with happiness.

As the pioneer in the domestic eco-friendly construction material industry, Hansol Home Deco has completed the value chain in the wood material business which includes overseas afforestation, lumber, furniture material MDF, flooring and interior materials based on its expertise and know-how with regard to wood materials. In addition, we are growing as leader in Green Recycle state-of-the-art new material business and overseas afforestation while enhancing competitiveness in the market enhancing compettitiveness in the market with coninuous development of eco-friendly and highly functional products.

Myeong-ho Koh
Founded in October
December 27, 1991
Address 27th FL, Specialty Construction Center, Sindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul